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Continuous Kombucha Brew Method

The BooChaCha Continuous Kombucha Home-Brew Method;

💥 Easier
💥 Healthier
💥 Tastier
💥 Safer

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Once you’ve unpacked your starter kit, cleaned the jar and added your SCOBY and cooled sweet tea, you just need to leave the jar as still as possible, in an environment with a consistent temperature, for approximately 2 weeks (the first couple of brews take slightly longer, please see instructions).

You should start to see a thin film of SCOBY growing over the surface of the brew, which overtime will grow thicker and is the key to a successful, reliable and delicious continuous Kombucha brew!

Having a continuous Kombucha brew is healthier because as you taste each brew, you will notice that the tarty-twang you let it build will be more and more, as you adjust and bring it into your life. The more tart the Kombucha, the less sugar that remains, and ultimately means higher levels of acetic acid, vitamins, minerals & those super power probiotics!

Hence the Kombucha you make is tastier too! Because you made it, you have the total control over the flavour, the level of fermentation & all of the fun 🙂

So, yeh its really easy, exciting and basically goes like this …. drink the Kombucha, top-up with sweet tea, drink the Kombucha, top-up with sweet tea …

The continuous brew method is also safer and less messy because you don’t need to remove the SCOBY from the batch of Kombucha you’ve made, you instead use a tap and then just top the jar up with sweet tea again. The SCOBY gets to stay inside the jar, growing big and strong, reducing the risk of contamination. 

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