Continuous Kombucha Brew Method

The boochacha Continuous Kombucha Home-Brew Method;

💥 Easier
💥 Healthier
💥 Tastier
💥 Safer

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Once you’ve cleaned the jar & thrown your SCOBY inside, you then just need to add the sweet tea brew, and wait for the Kombucha to be ready. See – easy 🙂

You taste the Kombucha from day 7 (all explained in the instructions) and when it gets to a point where it tastes perfect, you can drain it and stick it in the fridge. 

It’s healthier because as you taste each brew, you will notice that the tarty-twang you let it build will be more and more, as you adjust and bring it into your life. This means vitamins, minerals & those super power probiotics will be multiplied!

…and hence therefore it is tastier too! Because you made it, you have the total control over the flavour, the level of fermentation & all of the fun 🙂

So, yeh its really easy, exciting and exotic …. drink the Kombucha, top-up with sweet tea, drink the Kombucha, top-up with sweet tea … 😎

The continuous brew method is safer because you don’t need to remove the SCOBY in order to get the Kombucha, reducing the risk of contamination. 

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