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Health Benefits

Kombucha is a fermented health tonic known since the ancient times for its possible body-detoxing, anti-fungal & energy-boosting properties.

It is made using just tea, sugar & a mother culture called a SCOBY (more about this magical beast here).

The quality of the Kombucha is totally dependant upon the quality of the ingredients used to make it, which is why we recommend signing up to the BooChaCha Brew-Bag subscription to ensure you continue brewing top-notch Kombucha for evermore (more details on how this works here).

There is plenty more research to be done on the complex topics of gut microbiomes, probiotics, prebiotics & all that jazz but here are some of the “evidence based” benefits Kombucha might have to our health, with a link to more information here.

Maintaining a healthy gut can possibly help us find and keep a balanced mind too!

Gut cells & microbes produce many of the neurotransmitters which are sent to the brain to control our emotions, for example, apparently over 95% of serotonin (our happiness hormone) is produced in our gut.

Fermented foods like Kombucha, in combination with a fun, vibrant variety of prebiotics (vegs, fruits, herbs, spices etc) can help maintain a balanced and diverse gut-microbiome.

When your gut microbiome is happy, it is thought that you’ll give your body the best chance at absorbing all the nutrients it needs from the food you eat, it’s possible that you’ll have less inflammation throughout the body and that you’ll maintain a healthy and happy balance all round!

It is a potential source of probiotics!

The fermentation process used to brew Kombucha possibly creates compounds such as acetic acid, traces of alcohol, and several species of lactic-acid bacteria, which may have a probiotic function.

The fermentation process also creates trace amounts of alcohol. This is because the yeast breaks down the sugars, transforming them into ethanol. The live bacteria then feed on this ethanol, turning it into acidity and giving kombucha its distinctively sour taste, more info can be found on this here.

It is possible that Probiotics bring good bacteria into your gut microbiome which can improve our health in ways such as aiding digestion, reducing inflammation, controlling cravings and blood glucose levels. However, Kombucha should not be used to cure specific health conditions and you should consult your GP if you are unsure whether or not Kombucha is suitable for you.

Some recent findings have also lead scientists to believe that probiotics could be effective in helping with our mental health. Tim Spector has been providing information on this topic, and you can read more about that here!

Health benefits of Green Tea could be carried through into the Kombucha!

Green Tea, which is commonly (well … always in the case of BooChaCha customers) used to brew Kombucha contains high amounts of Polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants that might help to fight free radicals inside the body.

I find that using a high-quality, large-leaf-loose Green Tea produces a pure, fiery, citrusy type flavour profile within the Kombucha … you’ll have to try it to see what I mean 🙂

Could possibly help to kill bacteria!

One of the main compounds made in Kombucha is thought to be acetic acid, which is also found in vinegar.

Acetic acid is said to kill many microorganisms which could potentially be harmful to the body.

These antimicrobial effects can possibly help to suppress the growth of harmful infection causing bacterias and candida yeasts inside the body but are thought not to effect the beneficial, probiotic bacteria and yeasts involved in Kombucha fermentation.

Could possibly help manage Type 2 Diabetes!

Type 2 diabetes is characterised by high blood sugar levels which eventually cause insulin resistance, and it effects over 450 million people worldwide.

A study in diabetic rats showed that Kombucha slowed down the digestion of carbohydrates which reduced overall blood sugar levels. Kombucha made using Green Tea is likely to have an even bigger impact as Green Tea itself has been shown to reduce blood sugar levels.

I am currently OBSESSED with investigating the effects that Kombucha has on minimising glucose spikes which can be seen using a monitor, when a high carb / sugar load is being processed by the body. Research into the effects that these spikes have on the body is coming up with some super interesting results (causes fatigue, irritable moods, ageing to the face and body etc) and personally I think the Glucose Goddess is leading the way, see more about her here!

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