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What is Kombucha, & who should be drinking it?

It is 5 days until World Kombucha Day, so we thought we’d count down with some fun facts about Kombucha, and how to make Kombucha at home – Stay tuned for the next 5 days!

Kombucha is an ancient health tonic thought to originate in China over 2000 years ago!

It was known as “The elixir of life” or the “tea of immortality”, and famous for its all-round-body healing properties. It got its name when it was taken from china, over to Japan, by Dr. Kombu … Kombu – Cha (tea in Japanese).

It is made by fermenting tea with a live culture called a SCOBY 😇


Kombucha has all the powerful health benefits we get from drinking tea; high antioxidants, metabolism boost, as well as all the benefits we see from having fermented foods with live bacteria in our modern day diets

The link between our gut health and our overall wellbeing is becoming more and more apparent. The modern life setup has led to high stress levels, which lead to cortisol being released. This puts the body into fight or flight.

In ancient times this could have been predators, but in modern life, they can be emails, the daily commute, and some of us never actually leave this stress state long enough for the blood to leave the response muscles, and head to areas of the body like the gut.

This leads to digestive issues, amongst other problems, and this is why we need to pay extra attention to the small, daily things we can do to reduce stress, and maintain our gut health. 

Fermented foods is a great place to start, introducing a small amount of new bacteria into our guts everyday can help maintain the balance, allowing the gut to absorb nutrients from the food we eat, remove waste, and regulate certain hormones, such as serotonin – as 95% of that happiness hormone is made in the gut?

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