Me, the founder of BooChaCha at age 1 dressed up as spaceman- BooChaCha

Welcome to BooChaCha, where our passion for authentic kombucha, gut health & all things wellness is at the heart of everything we do.

I'm Hebe, the founder, and my personal battle with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) has fuelled our mission to help others find relief and hope.

From the ages of 13 until my late twenties I dealt with daily IBS symptoms, bloating cycles, & food intolerances. After endless doctor appointments, I was left believing that my digestive woes were just a part of who I was.

Our founder Hebe on her first skiing experience in Nozawa Onsen, Japan - BooChaCha

After studying Medical Engineering at Cardiff University and working for five years as a Mechanical Engineer, I decided it was time for a "career break".

It was on this adventure that I discovered Kombucha; a delicious, fermented, ancient health tonic that would have a remarkable effect on my health & resolve my digestive troubles.

I learnt how to craft the perfect Kombucha using a simple continuous Kombucha brewing system, from a friend in a small village in the Japanese mountains, called Nozawa Onsen.

I started drinking a small glass of this fresh, raw & totally natural Kombucha first thing every morning and was blown away by the relief from the daily IBS symptoms it brought me.

Our founder Hebe, sharing kombucha with members of the local WTMWTD cold water dipping crew at branksome, dorset - BooChaCha

As soon as I arrived home, I began brewing my own Kombucha with this simple method. Friends & family caught on, all feeling the health benefits in slightly different ways, and thus began the story of BooChaCha.

I am determined to share my knowledge and passion for fresh Kombucha, & make home brewing accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

We have since been featured on BBC One and BBCiPlayer with Gordon Ramsay as one of his Future Food Stars for series 2, we have featured on podcasts such a Booch News, Parenting Hell and on Wellness Walks.

We have become well known in the Bournemouth area for our Kombucha brewing classes, and have collaborated on a broad variety of wellness events with people like Heather Ashley, Karas Vegan Supper Club and more.

News of BooChaCha has appeared in Pier Magazine, Bournemouth Echo and Dorset Biz News.

We have run large corporate events for clients all over the UK too, one of which was a kombucha workshop for 150 people held in Windsor, where each participant took home their own brewing batch of kombucha which they had made during the class.

Our founder Hebe "cheersing" with glasses with students from a kombucha workshop, happy smiling faces - boochacha

Our work has earned us multiple 5 star reviews, many of which are on google and can be read here.

"I am loving my Kombucha brewing experience. The Mango & green tea & lemon, ginger green tea are my favourite so far. Great quality, clear instructions and Hebe has always been available to message any queries I’ve had. It is so tasty & zingy, all my family start their day with a large Kombucha shot. I’ve done 4 brews now and have got a new baby Scoby ready to start developing more kombucha!"

The green tea kombucha is the best I’ve tasted. It’s not too sharp and has a nice fizz to it.This is the second bottle I’ve purchased and I’m definitely going to continue to drink it and maybe buy a kit to make my own."

"Hebe's talk was so fantastic and informative and her passion and energy made us all fall in love with Boochacha and her! She shared samples with us of the product on the night and they were absolutely delicious! The starter bottles that she had brought with her "in case anyone wanted to buy one" literally flew off the shelf and none were left by the end! I think we were all a bit obsessed from that moment on!

Four bottles of freshly brewed, delicious looking and fancy raw and natural kombucha, ready to be delivered to local people around dorset - boochacha

As for the current direction for the business; I have recently trained and qualified as a gut health coach. This started off as a desire to understand more about why kombucha had such an effect on my own gut health, but with the growing number of people wanting realistic advice on what they can do in a simple, affordable, and faff free way, we are looking into how we can help people with the spread of reliable knowledge.

Due to popular demand, we have launched a Fresh Kombucha Delivery Service around the Bournemouth and Poole area ... also available on a subscription!

We are also investigating a move into the low alcohol kombucha market, which is something that I; a self-proclaimed health-conscious party-goer, couldn't want more.

Watch this space, when you're out and about - ask for a kombucha, lets get this category into the forefront of consumers minds.