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When we talk about fresh Kombucha; we mean Kombucha that has been bottled straight from an authentic fermentation, and consumed within a small frame time (max 6 months).

Authentic fermentation refers to the fermentation of sweet tea with a starter culture called a SCOBY.

If you are buying Kombucha in a store, this blog post covers the most important check points to look out for when searching for a good quality Kombucha!


When we talk about raw Kombucha; we mean Kombucha that has not been pasteurised or filtered in any way shape or form.

You can normally tell raw Kombucha as it will often form a light sediment within the bottle (which by the way is totally normal, natural & fine to consume).

When we talk about natural Kombucha; we always make our Kombucha without any nasty surprises. Our Kombucha will never contain unnatural flavourings, extra sugars or preservatives.

Our Kombucha contains only the ingredients needed; Water, Green Tea, Sugar, & Live Kombucha Cultures.

Of course, the freshest Kombucha possible is the Kombucha you can make at home! We have mastered Kombucha Starter Kits specifically designed for beginners, that come with a lifetime of brewing support, & are available for delivery anywhere in the UK … which also make great, unique, health-inspiring gifts too!

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We know this option doesn’t appeal to everyone, and so we are pleased to announce thatif it’s fresh Kombucha that you want, then we are your best next option to home-made!

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Our Kombucha must be kept refrigerated until served, and we recommend it is consumed within 7 days. We advise daily servings of between 50 – 100ml, first thing in the morning.

The “try before you buy or brew”offer from us is a 300ml bottle, which is enough for 3 – 6 daily servings!

This is a great starting point, for anyone who has never experienced a raw, fresh, totally natural Kombucha, and is so often described as, “the most delicious Kombucha I have ever tried” … and it’s packed out with health benefits too!

We also have a fresh Kombucha delivery service available to customers in the area local to Bournemouth, which includes FREE delivery on Monday mornings, ready to get each new week off to a powerful start!

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Please note this option has very limited stock, and is run on a first-come-first-serve basis.Get health curious withThe Kombucha Engineer