The delicious, gut-lovin’ drink you should be making at home.

– The Kombucha Engineer

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So, what is Kombucha, & what can I find here?

Kombucha is a fermented drink used since ancient times for its probiotics, antioxidants & healing properties! It also tastes delicious, is versatile & really easy to make at home! Home-brew is simple, better for you & better for the planet! A boochacha starter kit has everything you need to set off on your first month of Kombucha, & top-ups are easy with tasty boochacha brew-bags to keep the booch flowin’

Why should I drink Kombucha?

Ever heard of the gut-brain-axis, or that gut health is the key to your whole body health, or about all the neurotransmitters (emotion chemicals) produced in the gut, including serotonin (happiness) & gamma-aminobutyric acid (anxiety control). Kombucha is a delicious, natural, low sugar, vegan, gluten-free way to balance your gut microbiome, & find total wellbeing 🙂

How faffy & complicated & messy is it?

Well, if you can make a cup of tea, & let it go cold (it’s basically that simple) I’d say you were ready for home-brew Kombucha 🙂 YEAHHHHH!!

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My vision

The Kombucha Engineer believes that this magic potion could help many people on their journey to complete wellness, & it couldn’t be more simple.

The unique, hand-painted kits, contain everything you need to get started … once you’re a pro you can carry on with tasty-top-up-brew-bags in fresh, exotic, natural flavours… what’s not to love?!?!

boochacha kombucha reviews

I’ve been brewing for ages now and it’s absolutely fabulous! Fresh, fizzy boochacha kombucha every morning? YES PLEASE!
The effervescent flavours are just sublime and getting to the end, delicious, product is really interesting and calming for the mind. and that’s BEFORE getting to the actual health benefits of kombucha! MIND BLOWNNNNN 🤯🤯
Thank you! 🥰

Dean Hanley

Just the best start to the day!!! Freshly brewed nutrient rich kombucha. Lovely fresh flavours that wake up the taste buds and intestinal microbes! The kit is so easy to use and all the instructions are clear. There is something so satisfying knowing that you have a continuous brew going keeping the scoby alive, and producing top quality kombucha. Wonderful new company, great communication and fabulous end product. I have honestly never felt better and so far have avoided catching any viruses from my students! Would thoroughly recommend boochacha.

Marian Mudie