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The Ultimate Post-Workout Beverage: Fresh, Natural, and Raw Kombucha

In the fitness and health industries, the quest for the perfect post-workout beverage is never-ending. Athletes and gym enthusiasts are always on the lookout for drinks that can replenish their energy, aid in recovery, and provide essential nutrients.

One such beverage that has been gaining popularity is fresh, natural, and raw kombucha. This fermented tea drink is not only delicious but also packed with health benefits that make it an ideal choice after extreme exercise.

In this blog post, we will delve into the reasons why you should consider drinking kombucha after your workouts and how, and why you can make kombucha at home.

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What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage made by fermenting sweetened tea with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY).

The fermentation process produces a slightly effervescent drink that is rich in probiotics, antioxidants, and other beneficial compounds.

Kombucha has been consumed for centuries for its potential health benefits, and its popularity has surged in recent years, especially among fitness enthusiasts.

The Benefits of Drinking Kombucha After Extreme Exercise

1. Rehydration

After an intense workout, your body loses fluids through sweat. Rehydration is crucial to restore the body's fluid balance and prevent dehydration. Kombucha, being a hydrating beverage, can help replenish lost fluids. 

2. Rich in Probiotics

Kombucha is a natural source of probiotics, which are beneficial bacteria that support gut health. After extreme exercise, your digestive system can benefit from the probiotics in kombucha. A healthy gut can improve nutrient absorption, boost the immune system, and enhance overall well-being. Probiotics also play a role in reducing inflammation, which can aid in muscle recovery.

3. Antioxidant Properties

Intense physical activity can lead to the production of free radicals, which can cause oxidative stress and damage cells. Kombucha is rich in antioxidants, particularly polyphenols from tea, which can help neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. Consuming antioxidants after a workout can aid in muscle recovery and reduce the risk of injury.

4. Natural Energy Boost

Kombucha contains trace amounts of caffeine as well as a range of B vitamins, which can provide a natural energy boost. After a strenuous workout, you may feel fatigued, and the caffeine in kombucha can help improve alertness and reduce tiredness. B vitamins play a crucial role in energy metabolism, helping convert food into energy.

5. Supports Detoxification

The fermentation process of kombucha produces glucuronic acid, which is known for its detoxifying properties. This compound binds to toxins in the liver and helps eliminate them from the body. After extreme exercise, your body may produce metabolic waste products, and drinking kombucha can support the detoxification process.

6. Aids in Muscle Recovery

Kombucha contains amino acids, which are the building blocks of proteins. Amino acids play a vital role in muscle repair and recovery. Drinking kombucha after a workout can provide your body with the necessary amino acids to repair muscle tissue and reduce muscle soreness.

7. Low in Calories

For those who are mindful of their calorie intake, kombucha is a great option. It is low in calories compared to many commercial sports drinks and sugary beverages. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking to maintain or lose weight while still enjoying a refreshing post-workout drink.

Making Kombucha at Home

One of the best things about kombucha is that you can easily make it at home.

Homemade kombucha allows you to control the ingredients and customize the flavour to your liking.

We pride ourselves as a company specialising in Kombucha Starter Kits which have been designed with beginners to the topic of fermentation in mind. With our starter kits you are guaranteed to make kombucha that you will LOVE, we have a subscription of Kombucha Brew Bags to keep refilling with, and our products also come with a lifetime of brewing support too!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to making kombucha at home:


- 1 SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast)
- 200ml of powerful starter liquid (previously brewed kombucha)
- 1800ml of water
- 8-10 tea bags (black or green tea) or 12g loose tea
- 120g of sugar


1. Brew the Tea:
- Boil water
- Add tea and sugar to mixing jug and pour in boiling water. Stir until sugar dissolves
- Allow the sweetened tea to cool to room temperature

2. Prepare the Fermentation Jar:
- Pour the cooled tea into a clean, large glass jar
- Add the SCOBY and starter liquid to the jar

3. Fermentation:
- Cover the jar with a clean cloth or coffee filter and secure it with a rubber band
- Place the jar in a safe spot to ferment for 7-10 days
- Taste the kombucha periodically to check for your desired flavour. The longer it ferments, the more tart it will become.

4. Bottling / Flavouring (Optional)
- Once the kombucha reaches your preferred taste, drain the kombucha away from the SCOBY (leave submerged in enough kombucha to use as a starter for your next batch)
- Pour the kombucha into clean, glass bottles
- You can add flavourings such as fruit, herbs, or spices at this stage, see Our Kombucha Recipe Club for inspiration
- Seal the bottles and put in the fridge
- Enjoy a serving of your fresh kombucha first thing every day!


Incorporating fresh, natural, and raw kombucha into your post-workout routine can offer numerous health benefits. From rehydration, to muscle recovery and detoxification, kombucha is a versatile and nutritious beverage that can enhance your fitness journey.

By making kombucha at home, you can ensure that you are consuming a high-quality, personalised drink that supports your overall well-being.

Whether you are a gym enthusiast, a member of a fitness club, or someone who enjoys regular exercise, consider adding kombucha to your post-workout regimen.

Its unique combination of probiotics, antioxidants, and natural energy-boosting properties makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to optimize their health and recovery after extreme exercise.

So, Order Your Kombucha Starter Kit here, lace up your sneakers, and reward yourself with a refreshing glass of homemade kombucha. Your body will thank you for it!

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