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Fresh Kombucha "Try Before You Brew or Buy"

Fresh Kombucha "Try Before You Brew or Buy"

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Wondering what a totally raw, natural, freshly home-made Kombucha tastes like?

Well with this "Try before you brew or buy” offer, we will send you a 300ml bottle of Fresh Green Tea Kombucha for just the cost of postage.

This is quite often described as the “best Kombucha I have ever tried” & once you have tried it for yourself, and never want to drink another Kombucha, you can decide whether the Kombucha Starter Kits are for you, or the Fresh Kombucha Deliveries – we cater for all!

These are intended to be available as one per customer as a sample, and are not available on subscription. 

Contains traces of all allergens, caffeine & alcohol and is unpasteurised. As this product is totally natural and unfiltered, you may find sediment in the bottle, this is totally normal and is safe to consume.

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