Hello there! I'm Hebe, the enthusiastic founder of BooChaCha, and here's my story of how I arrived at this exciting venture!

My journey began with a lifelong struggle with digestive issues. I experienced the daily discomforts of IBS, unpredictable food sensitivities, and relentless bloating.

Despite numerous doctor visits, no remedy seemed to work, and discussing it endlessly felt embarrassing. I resigned myself to the thought that perhaps this was just "how I was".

After dedicating four years to studying Medical Engineering at Cardiff University and another five years working as a Mechanical Engineer, I decided it was time for a "career break".

I envisioned a carefree existence, wandering the world's beaches, coconut in hand, and mastering the waves as a pro-surfer. My travels took me to Taiwan, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico. But fate had other plans, leading me to the snowy slopes of Nozawa Onsen, Japan, to work in a karaoke bar.

Despite my inexperience with skiing and aversion to the cold, it was there that I discovered Kombucha, the ancient tonic that remarkably improved my health and resolved my digestive woes.

In Nozawa Onsen, Kombucha wasn't just a drink; it was a way of life. My Japanese friends, each with their unique brewing methods, introduced me to the continuous brew technique, a simpler, healthier approach that forgoes the complex 'second fermentation' process.

This method not only saved time, it also involved zero faff or mess, and needed no fancy equipment or ingredients, and it always made a deliciously pure Kombucha without the added sugars or risks associated with bottle fermentation.

During my stay in Nozawa, I encountered an alcoholic version of Kombucha that was truly a revelation.

Brewed by Nova Kombucha and imported from California, this probiotic-rich, low-sugar, and low-calorie beverage was a game-changer, inspiring me with its brand and culture.

The onset of Covid-19 forced me to leave the mountains and return to the UK, moving back in with my mum.

Reconnecting with friends, one in particular had begun fermenting experiments and had acquired a SCOBY to make Kombucha. With the knowledge passed down from my Japanese friends, we embarked on our first home brew, and thus began the story of BooChaCha.

Drinking my own Green Tea Kombucha each morning, I noticed a profound improvement in my overall wellbeing, starting with my gut health.

Soon, my family also experienced various health benefits from incorporating Kombucha into their routine.

Working a temporary job in a local chocolate factory during the lockdowns, an epiphany struck me: why not start my own kombucha business?

The name BooChaCha came to me in a flash.

The concept was initially vague, but the dream was vivid and exciting. I didn't have the means to brew on a large scale, but I was determined to share my knowledge and passion for Kombucha, making home brewing accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

As a self-proclaimed health-conscious party-goer, I couldn't shake the idea of alcoholic kombucha. Whenever I went out, I'd ask for kombucha, often to no avail. I saw the potential for this innovative drink category, appealing to those mindful of their health and seeking enjoyment without compromise.

My vision for BooChaCha is to cater to the health-conscious social butterfly – those who know how to have a good time but also value a sunrise run on the beach. It's about respecting our bodies while living life to the fullest.

The current market for low or non-alcoholic beverages is uninspiring. Kombucha offers a refreshing alternative, and I'm on a mission to make BooChaCha a household name.

So next time you're out, ask for a Kombucha, make it a BooChaCha, and let's see how far we can take this vibrant, healthful drink!