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Basic Kombucha Starter Kit

Basic Kombucha Starter Kit

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Ingredients, Live Kombucha Starter Culture (SCOBY) & Welcome Pack Including Easy-To-Follow Instructions you need to learn exactly how to successfully make delicious, raw, natural Kombucha forever, using the 'Continuous Kombucha Brew Method'. 

Kit also comes with lifetime brewing support from BooChaCha.

Specifically designed with beginners in mind.

Kit includes:

- 1 x Live SCOBY (Kombucha Culture) Stored with Starter Liquid

- 2 x Green Tea Kombucha Brew Bundles containing all the Ingredients Ready-To-Go (Each Bundle Makes 2 Litres of Kombucha)

- 1 x Welcome Pack including Easy-to-follow Written Instructions as well as Link to Video Instructions & Adhesive Thermometer 

Recommended things to add to this starter kit to make the best Kombucha, can be found here. 

Be mindful that Kombucha naturally contains trace amounts of alcohol and caffeine and is an unpasteurized product with live bacteria.

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