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The Ultimate Guide to Home-Brewed Kombucha: Why and How to Get Started in the UK

Are you looking to join the ever-growing community of kombucha enthusiasts in the UK?

Brewing kombucha at home is not only a delightful hobby but also a fantastic way to enjoy this tangy, effervescent drink packed with potential health benefits.

As a small Dorset based business specialising in;

  • Small batch, fresh & raw local kombucha deliveries to homes, offices & events
  • Kombucha starter kits with a lifetime of brewing support & video instructions, which ensure anyone can master a kombucha home brew 
  • Kombucha brewing workshops, which fit perfectly alongside yoga retreats, wellness festivals, or as part of corporate wellbeing or team building initiative
This guide is a great place to start on the understanding of why making your own kombucha is a choice you won't regret.

Why Brew Kombucha at Home?

Kombucha, a health tonic made by fermenting tea, has been known for centuries for its health benefits.

With the rise in gut health research over the last five years we are hearing about the importance of including daily servings of high quality fermented foods and drinks in our diets, to name one expert to look out for is Tim Spector.

He has an excellent way of conveying realistic tips and tricks on improving our gut health, in a way that everyone can understand, and we love him because he brews his one kombucha at home ... it MUST be good!

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By brewing kombucha at home, you can:

- Control Ingredients: Know exactly what goes into your kombucha, ensuring it's totally natural and free from unwanted additives.
- Save Money: Home brewing is cost-effective compared to buying commercial kombucha.
- Customise Flavours: Experiment with a variety of teas, sugars, and infusions to create a personalised brew.
- Reduce Waste: Reuse your brewing equipment and bottles, contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle.
- Boost Gut Health: Homemade kombucha is rich in probiotics, which are beneficial for gut health.

Getting Started with Your Kombucha Starter Kit

Our kombucha starter kits are designed to make your brewing journey as straightforward as possible. Each Complete Starter Kit includes:

- 1 x Glass 3 Litre Fermentation Vessel with Tap

- 1 x Litre Glass Storage Bottle for Fridge

- 1 x Live SCOBY (Kombucha Culture) Stored with Starter Liquid

- 1 x Handmade Muslin Shower Cap with Brew-Tags to act as your Breathable Lid

- 2 x Green Tea Kombucha Brew Bundles containing all the Ingredients Ready-To-Go (Each Bundle Makes 2 Litres of Kombucha)

- 1 x Welcome Pack including Easy-to-follow Written Instructions as well as Link to Video Instructions & Adhesive Thermometer 

Step-by-Step Guide to Brewing Your First Batch

1. Clean Your Equipment: Cleanliness is crucial. Sterilise all equipment with hot water or a vinegar solution to prevent contamination, or clean well with hot water and soap, making sure to remove all soap suds before use

2. Brew the Tea: Boil water and steep your tea (all ingredients included in our starter kits) before dissolving sugar in it. This sweet tea will be your kombucha's base.

3. Cool the Tea: Allow the sweet tea to cool to room temperature to avoid harming the SCOBY.

4. Add the SCOBY: Place your SCOBY and starter liquid (both included in our starter kits) into the brewing jar, then pour in the sweet tea.

5. Ferment: Cover the jar with a breathable cloth (we include a hand made muslin shower cap in our kits, which fits perfectly over the top of our brewing vessels) and secure it with a rubber band. Store the jar in a warm, dark place (ideally around 20-25°C) for 7-14 days.

6. Taste Test: After a week, begin tasting your kombucha. When it reaches a balance of sweetness and tartness that suits your palate, it's ready to be bottled.

7. Bottle: Transfer the kombucha into bottles, leaving the SCOBY and a bit of liquid in the jar to start your next batch. This is where you can add flavours if you like, but I only tend to do that for special occasions, it is SUPER delicious just as it i, raw & natural. If you aren't flavouring, pop the bottle in the fridge. 

8. Second Fermentation (Optional): Add flavours like fruit, herbs, or spices to your bottled kombucha and seal them for a few days for carbonation. You need to get bottles with burping valves to do this stage properly, another reason why I don't bother, we also have recipes which add flavour but don't require the second fermentation stage.

9. Refrigerate and Enjoy: Chill your kombucha before serving. The cold temperature halts fermentation and carbonation.

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Why Choose Our UK-Based Kombucha Starter Kits?

Our kits are tailored for the UK climate and include robust SCOBYs that thrive in British homes. We source high-quality, natural ingredients to ensure your home brew is a success. Plus, our customer support team is always ready to assist with any questions, offering a lifetime of brewing support with each Kombucha Starter Kit purchase.

Tips for Successful Home Brewing

- Monitor Temperature: Use the included adhesive thermometer to keep an eye on the average temperature of your brew, and ensure it is within the ideal range.

- Be Patient: The fermentation process can't be rushed. Give your kombucha the time it needs to develop its flavours, and you wont look back. 

- Use our Kombucha Brew Bag subscription service to top up your kombucha, this is a super easy way to add flavours without any extra faffing or equipment, and the brew bags just come through your letterbox whenever you need them, on subscription!

kombucha tea bags ready to go for delivery, available on monthly subscription, perfect to keep brewing delicious kombucha at home


Brewing kombucha at home is a rewarding experience that allows you to enjoy a healthy, natural & fresh tonic while saving money and reducing waste.

With our kombucha starter kits, anyone can easily embark on their home-brewing adventure.

Embrace the art of fermentation and join the ranks of satisfied kombucha brewers across the country.

Click here to get your starter kit today and start brewing your very own kombucha at home!

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